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Pure Merino Wool

the body layer that breathes

Ultimate Comfort, Year-Round Wear

Introducing Festal Merino Wool Baby Apparel

Designs that delight. Innovation and unparalleled quality that elevates your baby's wardrobe and well-being.

luxuriously soft

As Gentle as a Mother's Touch

Delicate care for even the most sensitive little ones



The fabric that can be used year-round! Because of its excellent constant temperature and breathability properties, Merino wool fabric can be used to fine-tune the temperature to ensure your baby's comfort.

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Like a rolling cloud that delicately wraps your baby. Festal's merino wool has an intrinsic natural characteristic of the most obvious feature of being soft and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

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Safely machine washable, lasts as new wash after wash.  With the durability of merino wool say hello to no fading, no deformation, low pilling, and stain resistance!

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Perfectly Giftable
The Finest Merino Wool
Festal’s breathable bodysuits use the best Merino wool: 17.5 micron ultra-fine Merino wool (certified by The Woolmark Company) and sourced from New Zealand.

What Moms Are Saying

Festal truly achieves "warm winter and cool summer." It adjusts the temperature according to my baby Scarlet's skin and external changes.

It feels exquisitely a cloud!

Having just became a new mother, having Festal is like finding a trusty helper for myself. I'm sure you'll love Festal as much as I do!

Ailsa, new mom to sweet baby Scarlet

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Crafted With Love & Care

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